What is the use of oil in our daily lives ?

Image What is the use of oil in our daily lives ?

Oil is a very indispensable substance. It is the most used energy source on the planet. Then find out the answer to the question of what is the use of oil in our daily lives.

Oil, essential in diversified sectors

When we talk about oil, we immediately think about fuels. It is the main raw material for liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). It is a strategic product whose use affects many sectors, directly or indirectly.

The fuel is more dedicated to transportation, among other things to make the car run. But it is also used to feed groups and industrial ovens. Oil is present everywhere, at every moment of our daily lives, which we do not even sometimes suspect. The consumer society depends entirely on it.

This product is a must in the economy. Its price variation strongly influences our portfolio. If its cost increases, transport costs and food prices also increase.

The importance of oil in transportation

Even though the manufacturers have created electric cars, most of the means of transportation work with petroleum derivatives, whether it is land, sea or air transport. Only rail transport today generally uses electricity, unless this energy is also manufactured with fuel oil.

Also, in the green revolution of modern agriculture, without the black gold, nothing can start. Farmers use:

Vehicles: tractors, trucks ...

Motorized equipment: harvesters, agricultural machinery that consume fuels

Fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides that are petroleum derivatives.

The different areas of petroleum use

Oil is involved in the manufacture of many materials namely

In petrochemicals: plastics, packaging, insulation, synthetic rubbers

In clothing: synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester

In pharmaceuticals: drugs, fats, white oils, paraffins 

In chemistry: solvents, paints, thinners, inks, glues, dry cleaners, detergents

Hygiene products: toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.

The area of construction is not left out. Road paving bitumen, explosives and sealants or insulation are all derived from black gold.

In the industrial sector, which is very modern in Tunisia, many factories require black gold to work if we only talk about lubricants for the engine and for the various mechanical, hydraulic or thermal parts. If you are asking yourself about the use of oil, its uses are very numerous. They embrace almost every area of our daily life.

Aware of the importance of oil, Tarek Bouchamaoui, a businessman from Tunisia, continued the activities of his father working in the oil field. He is the head of an oil and gas exploration and production company called HBS International in Egypt since 1997. Last year, this family firm of Tarek Bouchamaoui had four research permits that allowed him to operate some deposits of oil and gas.